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2 Mountain Getaways This Summer - Upstate New York

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  July 15, 2015, midnight | By: Pranati Madhav

Adirondacks Made up of forty six peaks, The Adirondacks are the perfect summer getaway and of course, a scenic road trip opportunity upstate. Whether you’re out fishing, camping or hiking, these mountains will never stop to amaze you. The beautiful forests surrounded by pine and balsam trees are probably what got Adirondacks its name, which translates to, “they eat trees”. "They" are the Algonquian tribes who would eat barks and buds when they were out of regular food sources. (Note to Daredevils: Save your visit for the winter months so you can burn the slopes while skiing, snowboarding or ice climbing at Whiteface or the Olympic Sports Complex.)   The Catskills The Catskills are the mountain range for the entire family. Located just a couple of hours from New York City, this mountain range is the perfect weekend getaway in any season. The country roads that sport antique stores, farmers’ markets and various fairs and festivals make this the ideal destination to visit with the entire family. Go tubing or river rafting on the Esopus Creek, skiing at Hunter Mountain or just cozy up in your quaint cottage with a good book and hot chocolate. This region is also lets you enjoy the finest golf. catskills Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall; the mountains of New York State call. Fresh air, scenic views and adventure--great options for a whole “range” of fun.

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