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A Thousand Reasons to Visit Thousand Islands NY

Thousand Islands Jefferson County , Oswego County , St. Lawrence County | History , Nature , Outdoors , Sights & Attractions , Tourism

  March 6, 2017, 2:15 p.m. | By: Lyne Carolynah

In Thousand Islands NY, you will see miles of amazing coastline, complemented by state parks that you can enjoy while on a camping mission. Thousand Islands is more like 2,000 islands that are connected over a 50-mile radius. There are tons of things to do here (other than ruminate about thousand islands dressing.) For example, you can set up a fishing camp in one of the smaller rivers that joins the island. Or get more romantic when you learn of hidden treasures in old sunken ships in the water. The counties that fall within this 50-mile island stretch, that is Thousand Islands NY, are Jefferson County, Oswego County, St Lawrence County. Tourist Attractions Visit the Boldt Castle. Built on the heart island in 1900 is a restored structure that has survived through the years that you can visit using guided boat tours and private watercraft. Antique Boat Museum See more than 300 restored boats and canoes that are always showcased on its annual event, the antique show. Wellesley Island State Park The state park is hosted in one of the largest islands which is a home to a small Victorian community that lives around. Within the park, there is the Common Nature Center where you can learn about the Islands history. Tourist Activities Visit the Thousand Island Wineries Get to know the story behind the family owned wineries in the region by visiting the wine trails. Diving Get to see what the island has hidden below the water over the centuries. A collection of sunken ships will give another underwater view that can not be found anywhere else. Boat Excursion The area is so vast and the only possible way to cover as many grounds as possible is by hiring a boat and take a self or guided tour. Look out for any offers from cruising companies. Find more information at: 1000 Islands Regional Tourism Office

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