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4 Unique Tours for Sightseeing in NYC Without The Crowds

New York City is one of the worlds' most popular tourist destinations, but with that comes a lot of the unwanted side of tourism. Long lines, crowds of people with no idea where they are going, pushy bus tour ticket vendors, and the infamous "you going up!?" guys in front of the Empire State Building. These are just some of the not-so-great parts of NYC tourism. But what if there was a better way? Well luckily, there are a few ways to see the sights in NYC without fighting through the hordes of other tourists. We've collected 4 unique tours for sightseeing in NYC without the crowds.

1. A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours

The Slice of Brooklyn company offers 4 different food-related tour options where you'll skip the lines while sightseeing in NYC and get to the good stuff faster than a new york minute. The Slice of Brooklyn tour company is a leader in guided bus tours of Brooklyn since 2005. These tours allow you to see some of NYC's most venerated slices up close and in your mouth. The Pizza Tour, which incorporates pizza from Brooklyn’s finest restaurants along with a tour of locations from famous movies. $80 for adults, $70 for kids 12 and under. The Neighborhood Tour, which cruises through Brooklyn’s hippest neighborhoods. $80 for adults, $70 for kids 12 and under.

Sightseeing in NYC

2.   New York Harbor Tours

One of the best ways of sightseeing in NYC is by the water. From NY harbor you'll be able to see all of the famous buildings and sights including the UN, Statue of Liberty, the Empire State, The Chrysler Building, and One World Trade. The best part is, you'll see all these sights from the comfort of your own private boat. New York Harbor Boat Tours offers affordable boat tours that max out at 6 people, making them ideal for families and small groups. Unlike the other tour companies in NYC, you won't be jammed on a massive boat with tons of other tourists. Instead, you'll have the deck largely to yourself.

Sightseeing in NYC

3. Sea the City Jet Ski Tours

If a leisurely cruise is not your pace, try something a bit more high-octane with Sea the City Jet Ski Tours. Sea the City offers small group jet ski tours starting at just $149. You can choose between a one or two and a half hour tour. The longer tour takes you all the way around the island of Manhattan. Like New York Harbor Boat Tours, on this tour you'll see all the same landmark sites like the Statue of Liberty and One World Trade, just with this tour you may get a bit wet!

Sightseeing in NYC

4. The Ride Bus Tour

If you're going to do a bus tour, this is the one to do. All those other big double-decker bus tours put you out in the hot sun to crane your next at passing landmarks. The Ride puts NYC on center stage with comfortable stadium type seating that faces out massive windows.  What makes this a truly NYC experience is the connection to entertainment. The Ride comes with its own cast of professional entertainers. The tour guides are both professional comedians who do improv routines during the tour, meaning each Ride experience is unique. Looking for more bus tours? Check out Sea the City's list of best NYC bus tours.


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