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Add Excitement To Your Fall Trip With Glamping In New York

UPDATED ON SEPTEMBER 17 2020 -  This article is only to provide general information and was published before the lockdown. Please check ahead for details of restrictions, operating limitations and any other information.

If you like camping but don’t like going basic, go glamping in New York this fall instead. “Glamping” is the nickname for luxury camping. Glamping offers a way to escape the city sounds to enjoy the beautiful outdoors - without sacrificing the comforts and amenities of home.

Stay in luxury tipis, yurts, or even a safari tent for a unique and memorable experience. They typically include little luxuries that rival those of a hotel. However, glamping in New York offers something hotels cannot - a true closeness with nature. So, if you want to experience natural beauty without leaving your hair dryer at home, glamping in New York this fall is for you. Here are some of our favorite destinations.

Beautiful Yurt Rental in Central, NY

glamping in New York


Imagine waking up in the morning to gorgeous views after a pleasant night’s sleep while camped in the middle of the great outdoors. Then, envision making your morning coffee and enjoying buttered toast after taking a relaxing hot shower. This is what you could experience this fall by glamping in a yurt. A yurt is rounded tent typically known for its use as a nomadic dwelling in Central Asia.

Nestled in the small, farm town of Waterville in central NY exists a modernized yurt. This 16-foot yurt does an amazing job of balancing the needs of contemporary living with the gentle intimacy of the changing of the seasons. Inside the yurt, up to 3 glamping guests will find everything they expect. It features a well-equipped kitchen, a shower and a comfortable queen-sized futon. Most noteworthy, it has a brand new state-of-the-art Rinnai Energysaver direct all furnace for those chilly autumn nights. Glamp in this Waterville yurt this fall for $128.40 per night.

Authentic Sioux Tipi by Waterfall in Central NY

glamping in New York


An authentic tipi, you say? That’s right. Glampers seeking an off-the-beaten path adventure will appreciate this genuine Sioux tipi experience in Woodstock, NY. Woodstock, better known for its place in history as the home of the 1969 music festival is also home to beautiful autumn landscapes.

The 18-foot tipi was handcrafted and painted by Nomadic Tipi Makers of Oregon. It is situated near a flowing creek on a country hiking path near the Catskill mountain range. Glampers will be able to rest their weary heads on their choice of a double bed or a foldout sofa bed. To keep warm, a toasty fire can be lit in a stone fireplace at the center of the tipi with seasoned firewood provided.

Of course, it has amenities such as WIFI and a room nearby with electricity, a fridge and a desk. Experience fall a new way in this Sioux tipi for $160.50 per night.

Luxury Safari Tents in Enchanting Finger Lakes Region, Upstate New York

glamping in New York


Lastly, you don’t have to travel to Botswana to stay in real safari tent (but if you get the chance, do that too!). Thanks to this uncommon dig, a stay in a luxury safari tent is now accessible in the States. If you’re looking to try glamping for the first time, we suggest this place first.

Each large safari tent is furnished with hardwood floors, a private balcony and eccentric furniture. Take a nap in an outdoor hammock among the changing leaves after savoring a complimentary continental breakfast. Then, hit the nearby trails of the lake region. Or maybe relax in the communal tent with other glampers. Begin your glamping quest with a stay in this luxury safari tent for $202.23 per night.

Take a look at this vlogger's glamping experience in the Rocky Mountains:


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