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Brotherhood Winery Wedding Venue Brings Back Old World Charm

At America’s Oldest Winery, located in the Hudson Valley, stands a gorgeous 19th century cobblestone building. The Brotherhood Winery wedding venue has towering ceilings, hand crafted wooden floors, exposed wooden beams and antique wrought iron chandeliers perfectly compose the Grand Monarque Hall into a historic and charming event site.

After suffering a terrible fire in 1999, the great stone building was almost completely destroyed. However, after a complete restoration which preserved the structural integrity of the Grand Salon, the hall was officially re-opened in 2011. The hall boasts modern craftsmanship with the preservation of the buildings old world charm and appeal. The clean and open floor plan of almost 5,000 square feet offers the opportunity to create an amazing indoor event, while an equally grand English cobblestone patio complete with a magnificent stone fountain extends the event experience outdoors.

The Chapel is another venue at the winery which is perfect for a small ceremony and gathering. The space, while on the smaller side, is intimate and quiet. The history of the chapel is the most overbearing aspect of the small venue.

As the winery is a historic site as America’s oldest winery, take advantage of the wines, perfectly honed from tradition and large underground stone cellars being the perfect location for wedding day photos. The staff at Brotherhood Winery will work with you to bring your vision to life helping to stage your perfect day on the property. The possibilities are many. The result of weddings at Brotherhood are magical.

About Brotherhood

Started by Frenchman Jean Jaques in 1839, Brotherhood is often referred to as the oldest winery in all of America. The winery is located in Washingtonville, NY.

To host your perfect Brotherhood winery wedding please visit them online at or give call at (845) 496-3661.


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