Tourism | Chenango County New York ~ Explore the Hidden Gems

Chenango County New York ~ Explore the Hidden Gems

Chenango County, NY Welcomes You

It’s no secret that Chenango County is centrally located in the Southern Tier of New York, or that we are known for our beautiful rolling hills, our miles of rivers and streams, or the beautiful natural surroundings and relaxed atmosphere that our businesses, visitors and residents see as a special place.

What MIGHT be a secret, are all the hidden gems that make us worthy of a destination that you should consider when planning your next trip. What else makes us stand out? Our people. Your experience here is important to us, and we strive to make you feel comfortable no matter where you are in your journey. 

Our amenities don’t include beaches, or large sports stadiums, or mountains for climbing, but what it does include are wide-open spaces for families to enjoy, country roads to see scenic views, quaint downtowns, big-city culture and small-town fun, and top-notch entertainment.

See the unique arts, cultural venues, outdoor activities, special attractions, and museums that are scattered throughout the county. We challenge you to find the hidden gems as you fish, canoe, or kayak on one of the 235 miles of rivers and streams. Hike or bike along one of our many trails as you find historic points of interest and sparkling waterfalls. Dust off your golf clubs and revel in one of the beautiful affordable golf courses, each with their own amenities. In season, we play host to a variety of nationally known festival and events, including world championship motocross. Tour one of the craft breweries, each with their own special offerings. Taste and purchase endless selections of fruits, veggies, sweets, herbs, spices, maple syrup and honey at local Farmers markets and farm stands.

Whether you are craving diner food or higher end cuisine, we have you covered. Ice cream counters, bakeries, café’s, and full service restaurants all have a home here, and you’re sure to find a new favorite establishment.

We care about you and your safety, and protocols are in place where needed. We look forward to hosting day-trippers, surprise seekers, and weekend travelers to our little ‘slice of heaven’. We encourage you to find more things to do at and follow us on

No matter what time of the year, start planning your visit today. What hidden gems can you find?


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