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Columbia County ~ Scenic Sips and Drive Through History

Columbia County, NY is known for its rural beauty. When visiting our area it’s easy to look up a destination and get there but what if you want a scenic route?

Answer – Pre-mapped, self-guided tours, such as  Scenic Sips and Drive Through History!

Whether you’re a connoisseur of beer, whiskey, cider or wine…….or prefer to be a tea totaler, we have a means for you to ‘drink’ in the plentiful scenic views of our county.  Scenic Sips is comprised of five mapped “circuits” that will bring you to our various craft beverage producers. While driving, you will  discover small towns and villages, eateries, unique shops, outdoor activities and attractions. Along the way, you’ll meander along some of our pastoral roads and perhaps find your own special spot.

Our craft beverage producers not only offer tastings but also tours, charming country settings, gift options, and food….whether it be a food truck onsite, charcuterie board or part of an actual restaurant.

Enjoy a stroll through the charming towns and villages such as Chatham, Kinderhook, Germantown and Hillsdale……you may uncover a scrumptious pie or donut, experience a breathtaking waterfall, or climb a fire tower to enjoy multi-state views!

If history is your intrigue, The Columbia County Historical Society offers their self-guided Drive Through History tours.

Martin Van Buren, the 8th President of the United States, was born and died in our county. Van Buren and many other interesting figures are discovered in the ‘Patriots & Patroons’ tour. Do  you enjoy learning about obscure stories that don’t always make it into the history books? If so, the ‘Legends & Folklore’ trip is for you! Agriculture has long been the crux of our county, and apple farms make up the “core”.  Choose the ‘Good Apples’ tour to learn the stories behind our most historic and iconic apple farms….many have been operating for over 200 years! Currently there are seven  tours available and stay tuned for more!

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Article submitted by: Amy Farrell, Columbia County Tourism, NY

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