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Head To Canalside Buffalo For Summer Fun

Buffalo, New York has a lot to offer for summer fun. Whether you're looking for something active or relaxing, there are plenty of things to do in Buffalo during the warmer months.

Buffalo, New York has a lot to offer for summer fun. Whether you're looking for something active or relaxing, there are plenty of things to do in Buffalo during the warmer months. Here are five great activities that will fit your lifestyle and budget:

Hike at Canalside Buffalo – This is a popular family-friendly hike that offers beautiful views, hiking trails and more. It's also a perfect way to get some exercise while enjoying nature.

Kayak on the Niagara River – You can book tours or rent kayaks any day of the week and explore this natural wonder on your own (or with family members). It's a great way to spend time outdoors without being too strenuous.

Take A Ride On The Wheelhouse Inlet & Marine Basin Boat Tours - You don't have to be an expert sailor or boater to enjoy these tours.They're easy and fun for anyone who loves experiencing new things.

Spend hours at Buffalo State Field Station - Many people come here just to relax by their boats or enjoy other activities like birding and fishing. If you love nature as much as we do, this is definitely one place worth checking out.

There are also some places that are a great summer draw. From outdoor concerts to food trucks, Buffalo summers must be enjoyed outside.

The District

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The District is the heart of Canalside, home to many restaurants and food trucks. It also houses more than 20 retail stores selling everything from apparel to crafts to toys.

The district is a pedestrian-friendly area with public art that showcases Buffalo's history through murals painted by local artists.

The district is also home to the Canalside Ice Rink, which offers public skating, lessons and Drop-in Hockey.

The Buffalo waterfront has been an integral part of the city's history and culture, and it is a key component in Buffalo's plan for economic revitalization. In 1999, the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation was created to oversee Canalside development.

Harborside Concerts

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Harborside Concerts take place every Friday and Saturday from June to September at Canalside Buffalo Mini Golf Course. They're free, but you can buy food and drink from the vendors. You can also bring your own picnic if you'd like.

The concerts start at 7 p.m., with a concert at 8 p.m., so make sure you arrive early enough to get a good spot near the stage area (there aren't many chairs).

Cazenovia Park Playground

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Cazenovia Park Playground is a great place for kids to play. It has many different activities and it's located right on the water so you can splash around in the water or have fun playing on the playground equipment. There are slides, swings and even a carousel. And if you're looking for some shade while you're there, there's plenty of that as well.

If your kids love splashing around in puddles then this park might be just what they need because there are two large splash pads here - one inside (which runs all day long) and one outside (which runs between 1pm-4pm).

Red Jacket Riverwalk

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The Red Jacket Riverwalk is a new addition to Canalside. This 1.5 mile stretch of Erie Canal will connect Canalside to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, allowing visitors to walk or jog along its waters and see some of Buffalo's historical sites along the way. You can also stop by some shops and restaurants along your way.

Commercial Slip

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Commercial Slip is a public space at Canalside that's adjacent to the Buffalo River. It was once a boat slip for commercial fishing boats, but now it's used for events and festivals such as Dine & Dance on Canalside (June), Art in Harbor Square (July), and the Italian Food Festival (August). The area has also been used as an ice skating rink during winter months.

There are several food trucks that serve everything from Mexican fare to American comfort foods like burgers and hot dogs—the perfect place to grab lunch while you're exploring this historic site. If you're looking for something more substantial than your standard fast food fare, try out one of their many choices including sushi rolls or shrimp ceviche tacos with avocado slices on top.

Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park

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The park is home to over a dozen different historic sites, including the USS Little Rock (which you can tour) and the U.S.S. Niagara, which was commissioned on October 6th 1877 and decommissioned on March 31st 1954. There are also museums with information about these ships as well as exhibits about military history in Buffalo's area throughout its history from 1796-1954.

There are plenty of activities for visitors at this park: you can take a guided tour around the USS Little Rock or learn about naval warfare through interactive exhibits inside one of their museums; if you're feeling energetic enough then try going kayaking around Lockport Harbor. You'll have fun exploring both land based activities like walking trails or biking through parks along highways which connect them together; if none of these sound appealing then why not just relax by enjoying some views?

Canalside Buffalo Mini Golf Course

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Mini-golf is a popular pastime for families, and Canalside Buffalo’s mini golf course is no exception. The course has its own unique atmosphere, with generous fairways that are surrounded by tall grasses and trees. You can choose from a variety of holes at varying difficulty levels to suit your skill level or just have fun playing around with friends and family.

Mini golf can be enjoyed by people of all ages—it's perfect for kids who want something different than video games or other activities they may already be involved in at home. If you’re looking to get out of the house on a rainy day this summer (or any day), check out this attraction near downtown Buffalo.

Seasonal Restaurants & Food Trucks

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A food truck is a great way to get a quick meal and support local businesses. You can find them at Canalside throughout the year, and they're also available at other locations around Buffalo.

Buffalo is a city that loves its food trucks, and there are plenty of options to choose from. You can find them at Canalside throughout the year and at other locations around Buffalo.

If you're looking for a quick meal, a food truck is a great way to get one. You can find them at Canalside throughout the year and at other locations around Buffalo. Buffalo is a city that loves its food trucks, and there are plenty of options to choose from

Visit Canalside this summer and have fun doing it

Canalside is a waterfront revitalization along the Erie Canal in Buffalo, New York. It's home to restaurants, food trucks and game tables where you can rent kayaks and water bikes. And there are plenty of events happening throughout the year that make visiting Canalside an enjoyable experience for everyone.

  • Summertime is here—and so is Canalside. Get out on this summer day at one of several outdoor activities: canoeing or kayaking; biking through scenic trails; playing board games at one of our three parks and playgrounds; strolling along New York State's longest parkway (New York State Route 895) or checking out some live music at our stage located near the entrance to both sides of Commercial Street which runs through downtown Buffalo."

There are also many concerts and events to check out for the season. Click on the link here to know more.

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