Sights & Attractions | Howe Caverns - A Popular Fall Destination In Upstate New York

Howe Caverns - A Popular Fall Destination In Upstate New York

Despite its somewhat measured reopening, New York State is still not short of delightful places to visit, and among them, the the second most visited natural destination in New York State, after Niagara Falls, Howe Caverns.

These caves are the largest caves in the Northeast U.S.  While they have been developing for several million years, they were discovered in 1842 by Lester Howe.

The cool caves were a draw for the local cattle who would gravitate towards the cave on warm summer days. Geologists found that this is because of limestone deposits from the Atlantic Ocean, from the many years ago that it stretched that far inland. You’ll also find that the caves house Lake Venus which is probably formed by the Atlantic Ocean. 

We see why this region is a big draw already. The guided tours are accommodating for families with kids and for amateur climbers, because not much equipment is required to explore these caves. Go 156 feet below the earth’s surface to take the boat ride through the twists and turns of the rocky corridor. The Howe Caverns caves are also wheelchair accessible.

The temperature inside the caves remains at 52 degrees throughout the year. The lights on the Lake of Venus illuminate the water. The tours in the current format have been conducted for 90 years. This year is distinct for the precautions being taken to ensure the safety of everyone.

While being deep below the earth’s surface is the main draw of Howe Caverns, the Howe High Adventure showcases the Howe Caverns estate above ground. The Howe High Adventure includes a Rock Wall, Ropes Course and, Air Jumper, H2OGO and Zip Line. Sadly though, the Howe High Adventure is closed for the 2020 season.

To get the current information about Howe Caverns, we suggest you visit their website.

Howe Caverns is 169 miles from New York City, a three and a half hour drive. Located in Schoharie County, it is also accessible by bus and train.

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