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Hudson Yards Vessel - Intriguing And Already Iconic

Like most successful things, some like the Hudson Yards Vessel; some dislike it, it’s still a New York City landmark that’s worth the visit. Vessel is located In the Hudson Yards in the far West Side of Manhattan, am area that comprises shopping, coffee shops, restaurants, offices, residences and more.

Not many like Vessel, however. While real estate billionaire and Hudson Yards developer Stephen Ross insists predictably that it is the place, there’s more than a murmur of disparagement that is cultural critique, from the most critical of cultural analysts, New Yorkers in other words.

Still, here are the reasons why Vessel, though making noise, is not empty.

Makes Your Instagram More Interesting

In this social media world, we’re all fighting for likes. A climb up this interconnected, honeycomb shaped structure makes for a fascinating picture or instagram story. The views from the landings are quite instagrammable too, considering it is a 150-foot tall structure. It is made of bronzed steel and concrete and costs about $150 million. They even have a hashtag - #hellohudsonyards. So rake up those likes at Vessel, inside and outside. Conversely the clicks from the Brooklyn Bridge or Brooklyn Heights of Vessel and Hudson Yards could be quite compelling.

Get Those Fitbit Steps

A visit to Hudson Yards Vessel will get you closer to your daily goal on your pedometer. The flights of stairs are intricately designed, all 154 of them. This will take you to about 2,500 steps. There are about 80 landings, at different heights, to take in views from. The vertical pathway is about a mile long within the Hudson Yards’ public space. It may not seem that way, but Vessel is wheelchair accessible. It is said to be great for cardio and legs.

Extend your walk to the High Line park and walk toward the Hudson River.


Host An Event

A quick visit to a handy terrace with your favourite events Lothario might have you thinking registration tables and buffet counters for  your next event venue. A quick recon might give you the idea to even have your wedding there. The venue is available for private events. The public square and gardens are surrounded by 200 trees and 29,000 plants making for a green outdoor event.


Claim To Understand Thomas Heatherwick

Those seeking to understand art can claim to understand the architect of Vessel, Thomas Heatherwick. The British designer, of Heatherwick Studio, is known for creating public art around the world. One like the Hudson Yards Vessel is sure to be misunderstood. The architect and Group Leader Stuart Wood have tried to make a modernized version of the ancient Indian step wells. So even if you don’t get it, that’s your line to impress your friends. Show how cool you are with your knowledge of art and history.

Above all, it’s free

The millennial mantra is fulfilled. The Hudson Yards Vessel is free to visit. Though it’s not only for millennials but for all ages to visit. But make a reservation and book your slot with the free tickets. Be sure to make your slot though. No backsies allowed.

Vessel is located at 20 Hudson Yards and is open every day from 10am to 9pm.

Bounded by 30th and 34th Streets from 10th to 12th Avenues, Hudson Yards sits at the northern terminus of New York City’s famed elevated park, the High Line, and is serviced by the 34th Street-Hudson Yards station, an extension of the No. 7 Subway line, which connects to nearly all of the city’s other lines.

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