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Paddle Into Spring In The Adirondacks

But always remember, dress for the temperature of the water, while paddling, not the temperature you feel in the air.

Spring is the perfect time to go paddling in the Adirondacks. The weather is warmer, the water is cool, and most importantly, the motorboats have not yet hit the waters with their loud whirring. The chirping birds, the springing of green leaves and flowers, all make for a pretty sight to soak in. And the sun too. Soak up.

But always remember, dress for the temperature of the water, while paddling, not the temperature you feel in the air.

Where should one go paddling in the Adirondacks? Tupper Lake has a few options.

Raquette Pond to Setting Pole Dam

racquette pond adirondacks

This paddle is short at just 3.25 miles (one-way) and is by far the most accessible option of the paddling triad. You can launch right from town at the Tupper Lake Municipal Park. From there, you paddle across Raquette Pond to the Raquette River, where the current will guide you all the way to Setting Pole Dam. Along the way, you’ll see great views of the village and the low mountains beyond. 

Stony Creek Ponds to Axton Landing

Stony Creek Ponds paddling in the adirondacks

This beautiful, flat water paddle is also 3.25 miles (one-way) but starts a little further from town. A short 10-minute drive from Tupper Lake is the put-in at Coreys Road. The journey begins at Stony Creek Pond and leads to the meandering Stony Creek. From there, the creek joins the famous Raquette River, where you paddle the rest of the way to the take-out at Axton Landing. Winding down this waterway, there’s a good chance you’ll spot some wildlife. Watch for the songbirds, prehistoric-looking herons, and common loons–the iconic bird of the north. 

Raquette River Boat Launch (Crusher) to Tupper Lake Boat Launch

Tupper Lake Boat Launch paddling in the adirondacks

This paddle is the longest of the paddling triad. At 7.75 miles (one-way), it’s twice as long as the other two routes, but don’t let the distance deter you from experiencing this truly incredible paddle–it is certainly worth the extra effort. Raquette River has many twists and turns. If you start from the Crusher, it's all downstream paddling and can be set up as a one-way trip if you park a second car at the take-out. Also explore the area around The Wild Center and enjoy the famous oxbow. 

For more detailed information and other helpful tips, read Paddling Triad 101


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