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Planning To Visit Upstate New York In Spring

Spring is a beautiful season and it's the perfect time to visit upstate New York.

Spring is a beautiful season and it's the perfect time to visit upstate New York. Here are some of our favorite places to go when in New York State.

Visit the NYC Botanical Garden

Planning To Visit Upstate New York In Spring

The NYC Botanical Garden is located in the Bronx, and it's one of the most visited city parks in New York City. There are over 50 acres of gardens, woodlands and natural areas that visitors can enjoy all year long.

The garden is open every day from 10am to 6pm during spring, summer and fall months; however admission fees apply for some events or special occasions (such as holidays).

Hike through the Catskills

Planning To Visit Upstate New York In Spring

If you are looking for a hike that is easy to do on your own, but still has some adventure, look no further than the Catskills. There are many trails available for everyone from beginners to experts and everyone in between. The Catskills can be accessed throughout the year so even if it’s not springtime yet there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy them!

For those who want an adventure, there are plenty of options available: hiking through mountains or forests with gorgeous views; exploring caves; following rivers; climbing mountains etcetera… the possibilities are endless.

The weather in Upstate New York is always nice so these hikes will never disappoint.

Drink some cider at Fishkill Farms

Planning To Visit Upstate New York In Spring

Fishkill Farms is a small cidery in Hopewell Junction, New York. It's one of the best places to visit when you're looking for cider in upstate New York because they make their own Cider, called Treasury Cider, and have a great tasting room for sampling their products.

They’ve been growing apples for 100 years and offer tree-to-bottles ciders that taste close to a dry or sparkling white wine. 

Paddle your way through the Hudson Valley

Planning To Visit Upstate New York In Spring

To get the most out of your visit, it's important to consider all of the different ways you can enjoy the Hudson Valley. There are plenty of hiking trails and biking paths, but also kayaking opportunities. The Hudson River is a great place for paddlers, who will find themselves surrounded by lush forests and wildlife in addition to scenic vistas.

If you're looking for something more active than sitting around at home watching TV or reading a book while drinking coffee (which is probably what most people do when it's cold out), then this area might be right up your alley.

Visit Wyndcliffe in Hudson

Planning To Visit Upstate New York In Spring

Wyndcliffe is a historical mansion part of the Hudson River Historic District. This Norman style mansion was built in 1853 for New York Socialite Elizabeth Schermerhorn Jones. The phrase “keeping up with the Joneses” is said to be based on Wyndcliffe. 

Go see some chrysanthemums at Wave Hill

Planning To Visit Upstate New York In Spring

If you want to see some chrysanthemums at Wave Hill Public Garden and Cultural Center, the National Historic Landmark and cultural center in the Bronx is your best bet. The garden is open year-round, but springtime is when it really comes into bloom.

The grounds are free but they offer private tours, led by docents who will tell you about their history and plants as they walk around letting you peek inside.

See the gardens at Fort Tryon Park

Planning To Visit Upstate New York In Spring

If you are a fan of the rose garden at Fort Tryon Park, then it’s time to visit. The Cabrini Woods is a great place to learn about urban forest management. 

This 86-year-old Scenic Landmark is free to visit and open year round; however, if you want to do some serious photography while visiting this amazing spot, be sure to bring along your tripod or monopod (or both!). The flowers will quickly fade once they start blooming but if you like taking pictures with your phone then this may not be the best place for you because most phones will struggle with low light conditions due to their small lenses and lack of pixels on screen which can cause blurry images taken indoors or outdoors under poor lighting conditions like those found at Fort Tryon Park during early morning hours when sunrise occurs early Sunday mornings only around 7am local time zone so plan accordingly!

Take a trip to Cortland and visit the shop in Homer to get some pie

Planning To Visit Upstate New York In Spring

Cortland is a small town in upstate New York, known for its many apple orchards. You can find fresh apples and cider at the Cortland farmers market every week! If that isn't enough, you might also want to stop by the Cortland County Historical Society Museum while you're there—it's filled with interesting artifacts from all over upstate NY.

Listen to birds singing at Letchworth State Park

Planning To Visit Upstate New York In Spring

Letchworth State Park is a great place to birdwatch. It’s home to many different species of birds, including hawks and eagles. The park has a nature center with an awesome collection of exhibits about birds and wildlife in general. You can also take your kids there who love animals—they’ll love seeing the animals up close!

If you’re looking for something more active than simply observing nature, there are lots of activities available at Letchworth State Park such as hiking trails through forests or along riverside cliffs; fishing; kayaking on Lake Averill; picnicking on picnic grounds by the lakeshore or riverfront; exploring caves (some open year-round); visiting museums near the park entrance that feature exhibits about local history & culture during its early years as well as later developments within this region over time past centuries until today.

Hike through a forest preserve or view the autumnal foliage in Ithaca

Planning To Visit Upstate New York In Spring

If you're looking for a place to get in touch with nature, Ithaca has plenty of options. The Taughannock Falls State Park is known for its fall foliage, and it's only about an hour away from Ithaca. The park holds over 20 miles of hiking trails that can be accessed from several points throughout the area. Additionally, there are plenty of other parks in the area that offer scenic views such as Robert H. Treman State Park or Cayuga Lake State Park (which offers kayaking).

Visit Taughannock Falls

Planning To Visit Upstate New York In Spring

If you’re looking for a place to get away from it all, Taughannock Falls State Park is the perfect destination. Located in New York’s Finger Lakes region, this park offers over 20 miles of hiking trails and campsites that stretch across four different states (New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio).

The main attraction at Taughannock Falls State Park is its namesake waterfall. At 200 feet high, this mighty cascade drops directly into two separate basins: one on top of a cliff face and another in front of it—both with beautiful views from their respective heights.

In addition to being one of Upstate New York's most popular tourist attractions (about 1 million people visit each year), Taughannock Falls has become an important part of history as well: it was here that General George Washington stayed during his 1789 trip through Western New York along with other members of his party who had arrived prior in order prepare themselves for battle against British forces later on down south where they would eventually win independence from England after years spent fighting off attempts by King George III's army which included soldiers armed with muskets capable firing multiple shots per minute at targets up close range distance ranging anywhere between 50 yards away maximum distance possible without having someone standing next behind them holding onto them so they wouldn't fall over backward due gravity pulling down towards earth below feet

Pick your own strawberries in June at Kelder's Farm and try one of their pies

Planning To Visit Upstate New York In Spring

If you happen to be in the area this spring, go ahead and pick your own strawberries at Kelder's Farm. The farm is located on Route 30 just outside of Albany and has been operating since 1939.

The farm offers pick-your-own berries and other produce year round, but when the weather is nice and warm enough for picking berries (late April through June), it's time to go. You'll find all sorts of colorful flowers blooming in their fields as well as sweet smelling fruits like blackberries and raspberries growing on bushes throughout their property.

You can also stop by their store where they sell freshly baked pies made from locally grown ingredients by using recipes that were handed down through generations over time before being passed down again during World War II when many families needed food supplies due to rationing policies enacted during those years due to WWII shortages caused by war efforts abroad related issues.

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