Nature | Scenic Drives In Catskills Greene County

Scenic Drives In Catskills Greene County

There’s only one way to address your Catskills withdrawal symptoms. And that is to go there.

Scenic drives in the Catskills (there are a few drives)  are one of  many ways to enjoy its natural beauty. This region is home to two of New York State’s scenic byways. These are corridors of natural, environmental, cultural, historical and recreational importance in New York State.

Greene County is home to two historical byways that can be enjoyed by motorbike, bicycle or car. There’s no need to wait for the fall to enjoy the foliage. Now is a great time to visit.

So which are the scenic byways in Catskills?

Durham Valley Scenic Byway

Scenic Drives In Catskills Greene County

This 21 mile corridor in Durham Valley shows off the northernmost parts of the Catskills Mountains. In the valley, drive through the pasture lands, past creeks and streams of the forested Durham Valley. This scenic byway offers a “Five State View”, over the Hudson River, of Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, the Berkshires and the Adirondacks.

This area is known for its agriculture and still has farms cultivating corn, vegetables and hay. There are also sheep, horses and cows that provide dairy products to the region. Many of these farms are also of historical significance to the region, some even eligible to be listed in the National Register of Historical Places.

Mountain Cloves Scenic Byway

Scenic Drives In Catskills Greene County

Access the famous Kaaterskill Falls by driving through this scenic byway and then taking a small hike up to the falls. These protected lands give one the glimpse of the historic hamlets that shows the lives of early settlers, including the farmlands and railroads. The reservoir and the mountains attracted people to this region for a long time. These views inspired landscape painters, from the mid-19th century art movement to capture the beauty of this region and continue to inspire artists today.

There are many other driving tours in Green County that make for an enjoyable way to discover the villages, parks, historic sites, museums and shops of the region.

Checkout the Valley Driving Tour, River Driving Tour or the River to Mountain driving tour while visiting the region.


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