The Scenic Catskills

The best time to come to the scenic Catskills and see the forested areas bordering the lush mountains the source of waterfalls and clear rivulets is in fall when the days are warm and the nights are cool. You will have the time to sample the rugged hikers trail on the border of Hudson valley. But the Catskills are beautiful and welcoming any time of year. You will not miss an opportunity to sample the best accommodation facilities across the following counties within the scenic Catskills region of upstate New York. Greene Sullivan Delaware Sights and Attractions Hudson River Maritime Museum in Kingston This is the best place to be for the spontaneous people who love the outdoor with lots of activities such as school excursions, boat shows, and other annual events like the Hudson River Day. The Monticello Raceway This is a horse racing track that was opened in 1958 as an attraction site. It has a state-controlled casino that operates slot machines on designated tracks Windham Winery and Vineyards 

Windham is a known upstate wine county that will give you a unique food festival and events that run throughout the day. Hike are organized on the wine trail vineyards. The winery will host all your round themed events. Most themed events are planned to last an entire weekend. Kaatskill Kaleidoscope A towering 65 feet kaleidoscope is a notable landmark in the Catskill region. It is dubbed the world largest kaleidoscope. Enjoy the visual explosion of colors as you listen to a soothing soundtrack. Annual Windham Music Festival The Doctorow center hosts the annual event. Here you can get to sample a musical orchestra. The event is controlled by Catskill mountain foundation. Activities And Events In Catskill Hiking at The Minnewaska State Park Preserve 

Surrounded by beautiful streams and a crossing bridge will give you a thrilling adventure. Take a hike under the cover of diverse trees and bushes. It has an easy natural trail for experienced and new hikers. The Bethelwoods Museum Get the thrill of an educational trip through history and culture. A display of different historical events is well displayed with a carefully selected music playing in the background. Catskill Animal Sanctuary Take a heart-warming guided tour of the sanctuary and get to know. The sanctuary has a beautiful landscape ideal for sightseeing.

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