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Things To Do In Lake George This Summer

Lake George is a mere 200 miles away from New York City. That’s about 3.5 hours on the I-87, give or take. There are buses -- Adirondacks Trailways and Greyhound run services to Lake George. And you can take the train. Amtrak runs from Penn Sta to Fort Edward, which is less than half an hour from Lake George.

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For those looking for getaways that do not demand a ton of forethought and planning, there are several great places upstate. One of them is Lake George. To enjoy a quick summer trip in the Lake George Area, you first need to know about all things to do in Lake George. So many people who live in NYC, surprisingly, do not. So a little primer might not be out of place for a destination of New York State that has mountains, beaches, a lake, well, lakes really and also entertainment, restaurants, pubs and shopping.

The Lake George area includes the lake itself -- it’s 32 miles long and it’s the main reason tourists go there for summer. There are all sorts of attractions and distractions surrounding the community that Lake George has enriched, and that includes lake towns, woods, ponds and mountains not to mention attractions, restaurants and yes, shopping for locally made artisanal artefacts. And if hunting serendipitous tchotchkes is not your thing, you can go shopping in the “Million dollar half mile”, (located just off I-87, Adirondack Northway Exit 20) - where bargains on name brands abound.

Getting to Lake George

Lake George is a mere 200 miles away from New York City. That’s about 3.5 hours on the I-87, give or take. There are buses -- Adirondacks Trailways and Greyhound run services to Lake George. And you can take the train. Amtrak runs from Penn Sta to Fort Edward, which is less than half an hour from Lake George. There are car rentals and shuttle services right from the station.

And really this makes Lake George a weekend getaway for NYC residents. And its proximity means you do not have to plan this getaway too far in advance. Use this article as a quick reference guide to the area.

And once you’re there, you can refer to this website to look for things to do, restaurants, places to stay and even plan a bar crawl in this hopping destination.


Where to stay

There’s a place for everyone in Lake George. There is every type of accommodation available and we hear, in plenty - from luxury to budget stays. There are vacation rentals, accommodations with dock space, pet friendly hotels, campgrounds and RV, B&Bs, cabins and cottages.

Check here to find a Lake George hotel

Things To Do In Lake George

The lake, for one. When in Lake George, a boat cruise on Lake George is is a given. The Lake is the gateway to the entire region. See the sights, experience the waters and also get dinner and a view of the fireworks on a Minnie-Ha-Ha moonlight cruise. You can also rent a boat or a yacht, if the cruise isn’t up to your speed (pardon the pun.) The steamboats of Lake George are not only famous but they are said to be engineering marvels. As you can soak up the sun on million dollar beach you will see that the beaches of Lake George are a great place for volleyball, sunbathing, and finding little swim spots. The lifeguard present will keep your family safe during the summer fun.

Swim, Dive or Kayak

There are more water activities than riding along in a boat. There is scuba diving, kayaking, rafting, jet skiing, tubing, and more ways to experience the Lake George waters in the warm summer. Parasailing is another way to experience the lake and the entire region. Bolting Landing and neighboring Saratoga Springs are close by. The river activities are in the nearby Hudson.

Hold Down The Fort... And Museums

Military landmarks like Fort William Henry Museum and Fort Ticonderoga (see listing here) are architectural monuments as well as a history lesson. The beautiful gardens are included in the tours conducted here. There are also many natural, historic and artistic museums to visit.

Lake George Is Full Of Ups And Downs

The Six Flags Great Escape roller coaster is a short distance away. The entire family will find things to do in Lake George this summer. Apart from the thrilling rides, there is food, shopping and live entertainment.

Actively Enjoy Nature

Hike up Prospect Mountain or trail to Shelving Rock Falls. A walk through Lakeside Trail will bring you to Million Dollar Beach. The Warren County Bikeway is a scenic pathway if you want to bike, run or walk.

Have An Extreme Adventure

Adirondack Extreme Adventure is an experience for all ages. There are zip-lines, obstacle courses, and many other tree top escapades. There are different levels of adventure for kids and adults.

Check here for a list of Things To Do in Lake George.

Eat and Drink And Be Merry

It’s a good thing if you are always in the mood for great food. Whether you are looking for great seafood, a romantic fine dining spot, an Italian restaurant or more, the area has much to offer. Accompanying good food are great views - the many lakeside and patio-side restaurants are perfect for the experience of the joy of dining al fresco in a balmy summer.

There are breweries and wineries to add to the discovery of craft beer and other drink. And if that alone does not make you merry, Lake George comes alive after dark. There’s live music, bars, pubs and clubs - there’s no need for the adrenaline to settle in the sump; there’s nightlife every night.

Check out restaurants in Lake George here.

Bars too - you can refine your search on the page by category and distance.

Events in Lake George

While there are many free concerts in Shepard’s Park, you can get the list of events happening in the region around the time of your visit right here. These are events in the general Adirondacks region - often, a short drive away. Closer to the date of your visit, you can check back here on what’s happening around you and find more things to do in Lake George that make your vacation or getaway that much more fulfilling, as we update events information every day.

Minnie Ha Ha By Kafziel, Antique pic of Lake George: Photo by New York Public Library on Trendhype / No known copyright restriction, CC BY-NC-ND, Photo by A. Lindell Photography on Trend Hype / CC BY-NC, Photo by jimduell on Trendhype / CC BY-SA. Please report any inadvertent errors, copyright violations or attribute omissions to and we'll fix them.

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