Ways to enjoy Upstate New York in the Fall

A great way to enjoy fall in upstate New York is from up above. Think hot air balloon, zipline, mountain hikes and such that will give you a vantage view of the fall colours of New York state. To be sure, there are many other things to do that are uniquely about fall. 

NOTE: We have done the homework checking up on all the establishments that we have listed — or linked to — in this article (for information not recommendations). We checked on all of them online for signs of life, but still, we may not have got the full story. We urge you to check on details of if they are open, opening hours, social distance, reservations requirements and other restrictions (example, “curbside delivery only”). We hope you find a good one and have fun. We all deserve some.

U Pick Farms

Upstate New York in the Fall

New York state has many u-pick farms that offer seasonal produce. Fall is perfect for berries, apples and pumpkins. Many of these farms try to be entertaining for kids too and offer petting zoos and punkin’ chunkin’ especially closer to Halloween. 

Here is our list of blueberry farms to go picking this fall. (Please check with the farms directly if they are open and safety measures followed during the coronavirus outbreak.)

Many farms have farm-to-table restaurants and farmers markets pop up in all the towns of Upstate New York in the fall. A slice of pie is like a taste of fall in your mouth, whether it is an apple pie, pumpkin pie or a traditional grape pie.

Haunted History Tails

Upstate New York in the Fall

Haunted History Trails of New York State have some of the most bone chilling stories to tell. The many historic mansions have many unexplainable mysteries to speak of. These creepy locations tell stories like that of the night watchman who died in the Capitol fire in 1911. 

These mansions have an option to stay overnight for those not afraid to experience the paranormal. Spook Yourself On One Of These Haunted History Tours Of Upstate NY

Corn Mazes

Upstate New York in the Fall

New York State has many corn mazes by day and by moonlight. Each corn maze has its own theme like pacman, Arabian Nights, Robin Hood or in the case of 2020, some mazes are paying respects to our “local heroes” - the doctors, nurses, grocery workers and others who are helping get through the coronavirus pandemic. 

Here is a list of corn mazes in upstate New York.

Fall Festivals

Upstate New York in the Fall

Fall has some of the best events in Upstate New York, Oktoberfest being one of the biggest. Many counties celebrate little Oktoberfests with music, dance, games and of course, beer. There are also agrarian festivals like Norwich Pumpkin Festival, Naples Grape Festival, and Warwick Applefest. Ellicottville Fall Festival is one of the oldest and has carnival rides, crafts, games and food. The ultimate food experience is the Taste of Hudson Valley which offers views of the Hudson River along with food and wine pairings. 


Upstate New York in the Fall

Fall foliage in New York can be experienced while going for a drive, taking a hot air balloon ride, ziplining one of the many lines, taking a chairlift ride, hiking a trail or just by looking out of your window. The Fall Foliage Train will take you along the old railroad to witness the colours of New York. Hudson Cruises offers Fall Foliage Cruises as well.  


Upstate New York in the Fall

Before ski season begins, fall is the perfect weather to hike the many trails of New York State. New York State is also home to many waterfalls, these hikes culminate at. Fishing is another relaxing fall recreational activity that also doubles up competitively. Fly fishing competitions happen from Adirondacks to Hudson Valley. 

Breweries and Cideries

Upstate New York in the Fall

While breweries and cider mills are open in other seasons as well, fall offers the best flavours. Being apple season the cider mills churn fresh cider especially during Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The many breweries in upstate New York have fall flavours like the much awaited pumpkin spice. 

Check out the many breweries on the Buffalo Brewery Trail.

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