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New York State Could Prosper From The Erie Canal Again

  Niagara County , Greater Niagara
  History , Sights & Attractions , Tourism

Sometimes plans come together after 200 years and this is the case with the belief that New York State believes in the Erie Canal promise of prosperity. Nothing less than 200 years ago in 1817, construction started on the Erie Canal and the hope was t...

Jun 29, 2017

Weekend Getaway at The Niagara Falls

  Erie County , Genesee County , Niagara County , Orleans County , Wyoming County , Greater Niagara
  Nature , Outdoors , Sights & Attractions , Sport & Games , Tourism

A weekend getaway at the Niagara Falls - one of the greatest wonders of the world - inescapably includes what someone described as “a thunderousks applause of water” against a 170 feet high valley. This is a waterfall that will captivate you and make ...

Feb 21, 2017

New Lights Shine Bright On Niagara Falls

  Niagara County , Greater Niagara
  Sights & Attractions , Tourism

On Thursday, December 1st at 6:10 pm, new lights shone bright on Niagara Falls when the "switch was flipped" on this new illumination system, shining a whole new light on this true marvel of nature. The celebration continued with a fireworks display. ...

Dec 07, 2016