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Agustsson Gallery

  104 N Catherine St, Montour Falls, NY, USA
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   104 N Catherine St, Montour Falls, NY, USA


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The sculptures of Icelandic born Magnus Agustsson and the paintings of  regional artist Robert ONeill provide a legacy of their lives, creativity and spirit. The fascinating collection of well over one thousand pieces spans over ninety years of each of their lives. Captivating stories will be eagerly shared by Diane, Magnus’ wife and the last remaining link to this harmonious triad, to anyone who will listen.

As you enter the front door, you will begin to experience the energy and flow of these two men as they traveled through their own artworks, evolving and expanding each in their own way. Two best friends, who found each other late in life, each supported the other in their work and their lives, and each became better for it. 

Come share with us and enjoy an enchanting Journey

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