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Grimes Glen

  4703 Vine Street, Naples, NY, USA
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Grimes Glen is in the Village of Naples, NY and is part of Ontario County's park system. The Glen is known for its waterfalls and as the source of the oldest fossilized tree in New York State. Grimes Creek originates at Cleveland Hill, one of the highest points in the Naples region. Be prepared to get your feet wet – there are incomplete trails along the Glen floor and parts of the hike involve walking in the creek bed. Wear shoes with a good tread to handle the slippery rocks. There are a few small cascades after crossing a footbridge, but the better-known waterfalls are referred to as just the "first" and "second" falls. The first falls is a steep cascade pouring over layers of mossy shale. The second falls is smaller but carries more water and "roars" in comparison to the first falls. The gorge opens at the bottom of the falls to a shallow swimming hole. There are ropes to the left of this waterfall to climb to the top, but this is only recommended for more advanced hikers. Vine Street runs off Main Street in downtown Naples. Drive to the end of Vine Street to the parking area for Grimes Glen.

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