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Oleh’s Catskill Guide Service

  PO Box 111, Lexington, NY 12452
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   PO Box 111, Lexington, NY 12452


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  Oleh’s Catskill Guide Service   Oleh’s Catskill Guide Service (OCGS) specializes in guided fly-fishing throughout the Catskill area for all ages and degrees of experience. To OCGS, fly-fishing is a wonderful activity that can be shared with first timers and experienced anglers alike. Fishing in general, welcomes people of all ages to connect and explore the natural world with each other. (I’m looking at you Milllennials on your cell phones and Baby Boomers in front of your televisions!) Ironically, the liberating aspects of fly-fishing come from repetition. Catching a fish is pretty exciting, as well. Waving a stick with a decoy fly tied to the end of a nearly transparent line allows you to compare the intelligence of our bipedal self against freshwater fish. Often times, these gilled creatures fool us. Therefore, there is no shame in questioning the intellectual hierarchy of the animal kingdom. These scenarios are absolutely expected and welcomed in the game of fly-fishing. It is all in good fun. On the water, a person is truly allowed the time to let their mind relax and drift while pursuing these elusive freshwater fish. OCGS is a huge advocate of relaxation. We are convinced that one of the most serene environments people can find themselves in is: standing in knee-deep water, surrounded by strikingly green vegetation, along the banks of a New York river. OCGS is the gatekeeper of many of fly-fishing's greatest secrets. Such as, the success of each trip is best experienced through the narrative verses recited back to the friends and family who did not come along with you on your adventure. With the subtle inclusion of hyperbolic details, your tall tales of fishing will become astronomically more impressive at your next social gathering, and will, undoubtedly, make everybody you know jealous. Along with the other secrets to improving an angler’s fishing technique (which cannot be described in this small space), we can provide equipment for novices—if needed. Also, lunch is included on full day trips. But most importantly, we will provide the fun.

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