Virgil's Real BBQ

Grill and Barbecue | New York City | Manhattan

152 West 44th Street, New York, NY, USA NY 10007


Located in the heart of NYC’s Times Square, Virgil’s Real BBQ has become the popular destination for millions of tourist and locals. Virgil’s meats are smoked at a low temperature over indirect heat for up to ten hours with a unique mix of hickory, oak and fruit woods in order to impart the most flavor and to keep the meat from drying out. To complement the main menu of BBQ specialties, Virgil’s also offers a generous selection of traditional sides like barbecue beans, coleslaw, cheese grits and Southern-style desserts like banana pudding and Key Lime and sweet potato pies.

Virgil’s Real BBQ was developed after extensive research, including a nationwide road trip in search of the best that BBQ has to offer. Local styles including Memphis pork ribs and chicken, Carolina pulled pork and Texas beef brisket were all discovered and now offered on Virgil’s Real BBQ’s menu along with many other real Southern favorites. Virgil’s is the perfect place to host a party or corporate event. Also features catering and delivery service. Don’t miss the best BBQ in New York. Visit


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