Saugerties NY, January 2019

Winter inspires words.

Robert Louis Stevenson once wrote, “Snow, it is true, is not merely white. The sun touches it with roseate and golden lights. Its own crushed infinity of crystals, its own richness of tiny sculpture, fills it…” There is something profound about freshly fallen snow that turns once green landscapes into undulating hills of Stevenson’s “crushed infinity of crystals”.

Even if winter has driven essayists, poets and other persons of letters to imagery, the most honest descriptions of it are ones that admit, ironically, that there are no words to describe the still beauty of winter.

Winter is indeed a beauty that needs to be seen to be experienced beyond words; and there is no better place to experience the “wonderlandness” of winter than New York State–a landscape that is a living postcard with living pictures of horse-drawn sleighs, snow-capped mountains and frozen lakes.

Equally, the snow bring the promise of skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, snowmobiling and sleigh rides or getting indoors into the warmth of a restaurant or bar with great food and drink, or in a world class winery, distillery or brewery.

Add to this, the season of culture and art and New York State welcomes you to experience thrill in every minute of your vacation.

To make your visit even more meaningful, visit our website, and find events, articles; and – as more and more businesses sign up to be a part of it – the comprehensive New York State Tourism Directory ( that is well on its way to being a great resource for finding local businesses and attractions in your current vicinity.

It’s 2019 now and this is the beginning of a new year. So, wherever you may be in the world, we hope you have a Happy New Year; one that brings you happiness, prosperity and fulfilment.

Till next time…

Charlie Daley


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  1. Harvey Paul Davidson

    Written very nicely! Have you thought about being a tour guide?

  2. Robert Schron

    Nicely put and very true — NY State is by far the most diverse state in the union both in terms of its landscape and the people who inhabit it. As a meeting and incentive travel planner and tour operator we’ve found our international clients always like to include NYS in their plans whenever possible and we always try to have both NYC and upstate NY in their programs to accommodate their wishes. We appreciate your efforts in promoting our state and assure you we will continue to keep it in our clients’ plans going forward.