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Who's Exploiting Who in the Deep Sea?

, New York City | Arts & Culture

SculptureCenter presents intriguing work from two very different avant-garde artists this fall. With Who's Exploiting Who in the Deep Sea? Cologne-based artist Cosima von Bonin’s stuffed cartoon-like lobsters and sharks contrast the simple sunny pleasures of a day at the beach with the mysteries of the deep. Meanwhile, Japanese-born, Brooklyn-based performance and installation artist Aki Sasamoto, who was seen last summer on the High Line performing micro-narratives from the confines of a custom-built food cart, receives her first solo show—entirely new work created specifically for SculptureCenter's lower levels.

Cosima von Bonin is best known for her fascination with the sea, an ongoing theme in her work. This exhibit, her first New York City solo museum show, focuses on her sculptural work since 2000. Von Bonin explores the dichotomy between the mysterious underworld that is deep, dark and unknown and its heavily used, sun-filled beaches through sculptures that range from lobsters and sharks to bikinis and lifeguard stands.

Founded in 1928 and now located in Queens' Long Island City neighborhood, the center is dedicated to experimental development in contemporary sculpture. Housed in a former trolley repair shop, redesigned by artist Maya Lin and renovated and expanded in 2014 by Andrew Berman Architects, the space is home to temporary installations featuring under-represented and emerging artists as well as an ongoing artist-in-residence program.

Source: nycgo.com Image: Scultpure Center

Event Details

    Sept. 19, 2016 - Jan. 2, 2017
    11:00 AM - 06:00 PM