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Ai and Sensui Calligraphy and Kyoto Culture

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Ai and Sensui Calligraphy and Kyoto Culture

Kyoto, the imperial capital of Japan for over one thousand years, is not only famous for its interesting places but also its cultural depth. Many temples and shrines can be found in Kyoto, more than in the other cities of Japan, as well as many preserved Japanese buildings, and more people who still wear Kimonos. While it is a modern city, Kyoto retains the flavor of ancient Japan. Kyoto Culture is a unique one-day cultural and art event with three sections: Calligraphy; Music Performance; and Kimono and Handicraft Display. This one day program will provide you a great experience of Japanese culture and traditions.

Ai Takaoka’s calligraphy performance has been presented in many shrines in Kyoto. Her traditional Japanese calligraphy action is an elegant and powerful performance of living brushwork.

Sensui Oikawa represents the 4th generation of a family of calligraphers. Also a skilled player of the Okoto, a traditional Japanese instrument, she was featured in a solo concert at NHK Hall National Theater.

Emi Kikuchi will present kimonos and discuss the finer points of kimono wearing and fashion.

Yael “Kat” Acher-Modiano will play shakuhachi-inspired music on the Western flute (The shakuhachi is a traditional Japanese end-blown flute).

Organized by Luchia Meihua Lee and Tomoko Kawamura

Featured Image: Ai Takaoko calligraphy performance

About the Artists

Ai Takaoka  Born in Kyoto prefecture. A female Kyoto calligrapher, she explains the path (way or michi) of traditional Japanese calligraphy as an elegant and powerful performance of living brushwork. Through the originality of her calligraphic technique, creativity, and ability to understand the feelings of others, Ai Takaoka offers energy and hope to enrich the spirit of people. For more than 30 years, she has built up her skill through continual practice which has given her exceptional technical strength. Bringing together tradition and innovation while expressing the full range of human emotions has developed her creative power; and through overcoming several illnesses she has developed a fighting spirit that helped her realize the power to empathize with others. Upon coming into contact with Ai Takaoka, many people have been moved to tears.

Pursuing this lifestyle, she received in 2008 the LUX Shine Award, a cultural prize for sparkling female artists that recognized her image as a strong and beautiful woman. In 2012, she was invited to Paris, France, where she gave a performance at her solo exhibition; thus beginning to attract foreign attention to the expression of Japanese beauty and spirit in her work as a calligrapher. Born in the northern part of Kyoto prefecture in the Tango region, she was named the tourist ambassador for Tango. As an expression of her love for her home district, she has made Kyoto the base of her activities. At the same time, she has opened her school, Shoraku room, where she not only teaches and transmits calligraphy but also acts as a therapist with more than 80 students.

For people who have lost confidence in themselves due to the stress and pressure of society, Ai Takaoka teaches that being as you are is good, and it is good to more fully express yourself. Her hobbies include running marathons and developing physical strength. Her belief in simultaneously training the body and the spirit is such that she has been called the athlete calligrapher.

Event Details

    May 21, 2017 - May 21, 2017
    01:00 PM - 04:00 PM