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Art In A Time Of Chaos



Sep 30 - Mar 19 1 a.m.

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China Institute & Gallery

| Manhattan

| New York City

100 Washington St. Manhattan NY 10006

Event Description

A consequence of China’s forward-looking transformation has been the unearthing of treasures from its past in archaeological excavations across the country. Art In A Time Of Chaos: its first exhibition in its new, roomier downtown home, the China Institute presents more than a hundred such works, ceramics, sculptures, calligraphy and paintings from the tumultuous Six Dynasties era, a period of political upheaval and intense artistic development whose new modes of expression continue to have resonance in China today. To celebrate its move to a larger space in Lower Manhattan, the China Institute will stage an inaugural exhibition focusing on one of the most lively and influential periods in all of Chinese art history. The third to fifth centuries in China marked a period of political upheaval and civil discord, resulting in some of the most dynamic works created by artists affected by their environment during this time. On display will be ceramics, paintings, sculptures and calligraphy—all of which greatly influenced how Chinese art would be defined in centuries to come. For more information, visit chinainstitute.org. Source: nycgo.com Image: chinainstitue.org

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