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Artist's Talk: Caitlin Cass at Hallwalls

Erie County , Greater Niagara | Arts & Culture

Artist's Talk: Caitlin Cass at Hallwalls: Number 4 in our 2016–2017 series of FREE artists' talks by local artists. Caitlin Cass makes comics and counterfeit historical exhibits inspired by failure throughout history. Recent counterfeit historical exhibits include How to Fly in America (part of Amid/In WNY at Hallwalls) and The Museum of Failure (which has been exhibited in Buffalo, Rochester, and Washington D.C.). In addition to exhibits, Caitlin makes a bimonthly comic periodical under the moniker The Great Moments in Western Civilization Postal Constituent. Her comics have also appeared in The Public and The Chicago Reader.

Source and image source: https://www.buffalovibe.com

Event Details

    Jan. 25, 2017 - Jan. 25, 2017
    07:00 PM - 11:00 PM