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Beats at the Brix Music Series

Chautauqua County , Chautauqua-Allegheny | Entertainment

Beats at the Brix Music Series: Come visit 21 Brix Winery with all of your out-of-town family and friends.  to relax with 21 Brix after the Thanksgiving holiday and early holiday shopping craziness! Enjoy a great evening showcasing songs by Doug Phillips, who has performed in the Eastern Great Lakes Region as a bassist, guitarist and vocalist for over 25 years and wait until you hear the trio!

Admission is free, but a wine or beer purchase is required. Cheese and cracker platters or tortilla chips and Burning Asphalt salsa available for purchase. Other hot food items available.

Source and image source: http://www.tourchautauqua.com

Event Details

    Nov. 26, 2016 - Nov. 26, 2016
    07:00 PM - 09:00 PM