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Bindlestiff Cirkus Winter Cabaret

Columbia County , Hudson Valley | Arts & Culture , Festivals & Annual Events

Bindlestiff Cirkus Winter Cabaret

Hudson’s own Bindlestiff Family Cirkus continues its wintertime tradition of hosting a monthly cabaret, featuring a variety of circus, theater, comedy and musical entertainers. Each month this winter, Bindlestiff Cirkus will bring a new lineup, with acts including trapeze, contortion, acrobatic balance, sword swallowing, juggling, physical comedy, and oddball novelty turns. The Bindlestiff stage is one of the few arenas in the world where attendees may see internationally renowned street performers, featured acts from Cirque du Soleil and Ringling Brothers, and artists from “America’s Got Talent” next to local legends, live, on stage, and in the same show. (Future shows = 2/17 and 3/17, with a family oriented matinee on 3/18)

Live music is a defining feature of Bindlestiff’s cabaret shows, with witty, original tunes by a variety of NYC’s best composers and accompanists. Bindlestiff’s unique style reflects deep roots in NYC’s underground club scene, nods to political street theater, and a steady respect for the traditions of American popular entertainment and illegitimate theater.

Event Details

    Jan. 20, 2018 - Jan. 20, 2018
    12:00 AM - 11:59 PM