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Buffalo Afrobeat Orchestra

, Greater Niagara | Entertainment

Buffalo Afrobeat Orchestra

Vocals- Preach Freedom, Zoe Scruggs, Sara Rodriguez Drum Kit- Reggie Evans

Bass- Rodney Chamberlain

Keys- Steve Davis

Guitars: Tenor- Ed Handman, Rhythm- Dan Mylotte, Rhythm- John Victor

Horn Section: Baritone Sax- Steve Baczkowski, Tenor/Alto Sax- Ellen Pieroni, Trombone-Naheem Shabazz, Trumpet- Emilio Virella

Percussion: Congas- Ringo Brill, Djembe/Congo- Franck Desire, Shekere/Auxillary Percussion- Matt Downey

DJ: Amilcar Hill ( DJ Milk)

Root Shock $$Root SHOCK was formed in Winter of 2012 with veteran musicians whose love of reggae music flows deep. Blending roots reggae, dancehall, heavy drum & bass and soulful vocals with conscious lyrics into positive dance music will make you want to move! Root Shock has been surprising and delighting crowds across the Central New York region, bringing their unique high-energy style spearheaded by the stunning vocals of Jessica Brown to a wide range of settings. The band’s dedication to spreading music with a positive message has paid off in entertaining, elevating, and energizing music lovers of all walks of life!

Event Details

    Dec. 20, 2018 - Dec. 20, 2018
    09:00 PM - 09:00 PM