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Eyes Wide Open: Discovering your magic and walking into 2022 like a boss

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Dec 11 2021 to Dec 11 2021 Starts 11 a.m.



Holiday Valley Tamarack

| Cattaraugus County

| Chautauqua-Allegheny

6557 Holiday Valley Road Ellicottville, NY None NY 14731

Event Description

Join me on this very magical and powerful day of transformation and healing.

Gain an understanding of:

​who you are at soul level.

what deep aspect of yourself needs healing, and how to heal it

inner peace: how to find it, and how to keep it

how to harness, ground and protect your energy

how to work with your angels

how to get what you want without letting others get in your way

2020 forced us to look at our lives. We had to look at our living situation, our relationship(s), our jobs, where we are in life... and face head-on, if we were doing what brings us joy, were we living our truth.. or were were merely settling and letting life pass us by?

2021 has been the year to get up and make the changes needed to get realigned with our purpose. Quit the job, leave the relationship, move altogether, etc. Make a leap of faith - this is a year of CHANGE.

2022 is for integration and making adjustments with your new decisions, as we are one year in to a new 20 year cycle.

This day-long experiential workshop is for those courageous souls who want to heal & free themselves from emotional and psychological heaviness, and take big steps to move forward as we enter this truly new age!

​This date was given to me by my guides; and when I checked the astrology I definitely understand why!

We are in a massive transformation as a planet, shifting from a corrupted masculine to the divine feminine mother energies (esoterically speaking; not in the literal gender sense). I'll explain the meaning in easy-to-understand terms and you will FEEL what is going on out there and how it is impacting YOU.

Absolutely no knowledge or experience is necessary. All are welcomed. To receive the best possible experience, have no expectations and come with an open mind.

Expect to laugh and to cry, and to leave feeling amazingly refreshed and rejuvenated. You will definitely meet plenty of new friends who are like-minded and curious, just like you!

This magical day includes a powerful group energy healing that will absolutely change your life.

Venue Information:

This special event is taking place at the award-winning Holiday Valley; at the Tamarack.

GPS Address: 6557 Holiday Valley Road, Route 219, Ellicottville, NY 14731​

This experience offers you:

An amazing day of learning, playing, and growing, including new self-discoveries.

Great new understanding about how you operate, how the world works, how energy works and how you can work within it all to get back on your horse.

New and efficient ways to work with your angels and higher self

A new perspective to see beyond judgements of friends and family who don’t understand you

Learn how to deal with judgments of others as you realize your spiritual path

An energy healing like you've never experienced before

Connections with really awesome people like yourself

A deeper understanding how to harness your own energies

Tools to help you manifest your best year EVER!

Also included in your ticket price:

​Outline, notes, and goodies to take home

Great food in an even greater natural environment


Teas, coffee, fruit-infused water

Warm afternoon snacks

A wonderful dinner and dessert (your choice from limited menu options including vegan)

All this for a pay-one price - A whole day of amazingness for $139, includes all fees and taxes - ALL INCLUSIVE!

Ready? Register now!

Terms and Conditions:

Seating for this event is limited and must be purchased in advance. All sales are final; tickets are nonrefundable.

The deadline to purchase tickets is December 1, 2021

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