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Golden Mummies of Egypt Exhibit

Niagara County | Festivals & Annual Events

Glittering gold and mysterious mummies are among Ancient Egypt’s most enduring attractions. This exhibit examines
hopes and fears about the afterlife when Egypt was part of the Greek and Roman worlds (c. 300 BC-200 AD). The exhibition
consists of over 100 key objects from the Manchester Museum’s world-class collection, including eight mummies, as well as
masks, coffins, jewelry, and sculpture. Advance ticket purchase required. 10-6pm. Buffalo Museum of Science, 1020
Humboldt Pkwy., Buffalo 14211/ 716-896-5200 / https://www.sciencebuff.org/exhibits/golden-mummies/

Event Details

    Aug. 14, 2020 - Oct. 18, 2020
    10:00 AM - 06:00 PM