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Inner Mongolia Performing Arts Troupe

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Inner Mongolia Performing Arts Troupe

Celebrating the Inner Mongolian culture of the grasslands, dancers and musicians bring their evocative and energetic performing arts to the stage. The sounds of long-tone and Mongolian throat singing join the music of horse-head fiddles and the vibrancy of dance to bring ethnic Mongolian culture to life.

The Inner Mongolia Performing Arts Troupe is a selected touring ensemble of top performers—singers, dancers and instrumental musicians—from China’s Inner Mongolia Bureau of National Art Troupes, which is the only comprehensive artistic institution directly supported by the government of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Since 2014, the Bureau has integrated nine performing art troupes representing the broad range of regional artistry in Inner Mongolia and is a fully state-supported non-profit cultural institution.

Today’s performers are the beneficiaries of a long history and a profound cultural heritage. Well-known artists who preserve and expand the Mongolian traditions in music and dance are supported and encouraged, and young artists are given an opportunity for creativity and development. These groups of artists have won more than 200 international and domestic awards for their performances.

The singers, dancers and instrumental musicians coming to North America in 2018 have been selected to represent the richness and beauty of the artistic traditions of grassland culture. The performances include amazing vocal presentations of Mongolian long tone and of khoomei (Mongolian throat singing). The instrumental ensemble includes masters of the traditional horse-head fiddle. The dancers show the colorful and athletic dance forms and traditions that developed in the grasslands.

Event Details

    Sept. 15, 2018 - Sept. 15, 2018
    01:00 PM - 01:00 PM