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Irish Road Bowling in Indian Lake!



Mar 17 - Mar 17 midnight

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Indian Lake

| Hamilton County

| Adirondacks

Route 28, Indian Lake NY 12842

Event Description

Irish Road Bowling in Indian Lake!

Irish Road Bowling!

Over the years the event has grown from about 20 players to over 200 players. Like traditional Irish Road Bowling, the event is played on a country road with multiple obstacles such as turns, inclines, ruts, etc to make the game more challenging. The road is left open for traffic which has the ride a way, therefore players must stop play and let any vehicles pass. Each team consist of 4 people. 2 teams at a time are matched up to begin play. Each player takes a turn rolling the bullet (an iron ball about the size of a bocce ball). All players must use an underhanded roll. After player 1 rolls on each team, all players move forward with their team to where the bullet stopped. Player 2 then take a turn rolling from that spot and so on. After the first 2 teams have cleared the play area, the next 2 teams are brought forward to begin play (much like teeing off at golf). Each roll is counted and the team that has the least amount of rolls when they arrive at the finish line are declared the winners. In the event of a tie, the last roll of play is measured and the roll which has gone the farthest after the finish line wins the tie.

3 categories of competition: All mens team, All womens team, Mixed team

$5.00 per person / 4 people per team

Check-in at Indian Lake town hall 10a.m.

Play begins at 12p.m.

Call (518) 648-5828 for details and information.

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