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Ithaca Underground Presents: Moor Mother, Sammus, powerdove, Robot Detective

Tompkins County , Finger Lakes | Entertainment

Ithaca Underground Presents: Moor Mother, Sammus, powerdove, Robot Detective

Moor Mother - Philadelphia, PA https://moormothergoddess.bandcamp.com/ Self-described as "Low fi/dark rap/chill step/ blk girl blues/witch rap/coffee shop riot gurl songs/southern girl dittys/black ghost songs" Moor Mother is both the Goddess and architect of her own deep, soulful, original soundscapes. Politically charged and poignant, she both bends and breaks genres with a cinematic approach to noise and hip-hop - presenting an immersive experience in her music that unfolds hidden dimensions and alternate futures.

Sammus - Philadelphia, PA (originally Ithaca, NY) https://sammusmusic.bandcamp.com/ Sammus is the stage name adopted by Ithaca, NY producer, rapper, activist, and PhD student Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo. Known as much for her rousing stage presence as she is for her prowess as a beatmaker and lyricist, Sammus has spent the past several years cultivating a strong following of activists, hip hop heads, punks, and self-proclaimed nerds and geeks, among others.

powerdove - Ithaca, NY https://powerdove.bandcamp.com/ experimental noise folk that pushes your boundaries to explore, explore, explore until you are likely raw again

Robot Detective - Ithaca, NY https://robotdetective.bandcamp.com/ experimental psytrance noise that makes you feel like the world is the matrix and that matrix is exploding into cyberspace, inevitably taking you with it

Event Details

    Sept. 28, 2017 - Sept. 28, 2017
    07:30 PM - 10:30 PM