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The Life of Lucy Lobdell - History Presentation

Delaware County , The Catskills | History

The Life of Lucy Lobdell - History Presentation

Join the Delaware County Historical Association at 2pm on Saturday afternoon, April 8 for a presentation delivered by Dr. Bambi Lobdell about her ancestor Lucy Ann/Joseph Israel Lobdell. Today Lucy/Joseph to would be described today as being transgender. However, during the nineteenth century that caused her to be persecuted and eventually incarcerated by authorities in Delaware County.

Dr. Lobdell begins her talk with an introduction to transgender identities and issues and challenges to help people better understand the difficulties experienced by Lucy/Joseph and wife, Marie. The talk will focus on the timeline of Lucy/Joe's life, moving from childhood to adulthood and transformation into manhood. The talk will discuss the several times Joe succeeded in successfully integrating into communities before having his female body discovered, which resulted in his expulsion from those communities. Dr. Lobdell’s talk will also cover Joe's marriage to Marie Louise Perry and their life in the woods in an attempt to escape persecution. The talk will end with coverage of Joe's incarceration in insane asylums, false obituaries, and Marie's return to Massachusetts.

Admission is FREE. For more information call 607.746.3849, email [email protected] or visit dcha-ny.org.

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    April 8, 2017 - April 8, 2017
    02:00 PM - 04:00 PM