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LPCA Themed Juried Show: Scenes from a Book: The Mind's Eye

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Jan 18 - Feb 27 9 a.m.

Plan your trip! Weather at venue in Essex County


Lake Placid

| Essex County

| Adirondacks

Lake Placid Essex County NY 12946

Event Description

LPCA Themed Juried Show: Scenes from a Book: The Mind's Eye
Have you ever read a book and been able to instantly visualize the scene? Has an author's words allowed you to instantly visualize the setting of a story? This spring, the LPCA celebrates the power of words with a juried show focusing on the intersection of art and literature. Featured works may be inspired by literature, based upon an author's description of a place, be an interpretation of a scene from a novel, or highlight an artist's response to a work of literature. This show will be able to be viewed both in-person and online. The online component will go live during the 3rd week of the exhibit.

Submissions have been extended to December 20th.
Accepted works will be announced on December 22nd.

First Place - $1,000 cash prize & a guaranteed partnered exhibition in 2022 at Gallery @ LPCA

Second Place - $750         

Third Place - $500

Tune into Facebook on Thurs, Jan 14 at 7:00pm EST to see the awards announcement and explore the online display of works through the link below!

See the full show online! 
This opportunity will include one-on-one consultations with local marketing, legal and gallery experts tailored to address each artist’s specific goals to maximize this opportunity.

View the prospectus here.

Accepted Entries:

Poe's Raven - James Abendroth
The Minotaur Caught in His Lair - James Abendroth
Algonquin Weather - Nancie Battaglia
Mt. Marcy - Nancie Battaglia
Transitions - Susan Beadle
Lives Bound - Susan Beadle
Asteroid 612 - Planet of the Little Prince - Marie Cogar
River Valley Sunset - Ruth Crotty
Who Are You? - Maria DeAngelo
You Can't Take Less - Maria DeAngelo
The Stone's in the Midst of All - Anne Diggory
Why I am not a Poet - Anne Diggory
Return of the Wolf, Lamar Valley - Suzanne Doin
River Wild - Suzanne Doin
Big Life Pool - William Evans
Jean-Paul Sartre and Freedom to Be - William Evans
To the Hundred-Acre Wood - Phil Gallos
The Goddess Kali Visits the Adirondacks - Phil Gallos
Hills Like White Elephants - Sylva Gaspar
The Greedy Python - Sylva Gaspar
The Noses - Deborah Geurtze
The Long River - Deborah Geurtze
The Manoeuvre - Kathy Halton
Emerging, Exploring, Exploding - Anne Heinz
After the Summer Rain Anne Heinz
The Mountain Rise - Anne Heinz
Bicycle Treed - Bob Ingram
Fire and Flight - Joan Kelleher
Fringes of a Trance - Annoel Krider
What We Left Behind - Annoel Krider
An Elven Hat - Elena Kuki
Sherlock Holmes - Catherine LaPointe Vollmer
A Scandal in Bohemia - Catherine LaPointe Vollmer
Sanctuary - Suzanne Lebeda
Secret Stones - Suzanne Lebeda
Birthplace Series #2 - Suzanne Lebeda
A River Runs Through It, La Chutte, Ticonderoga - Diane Leifheit
God's Healing Cathedral - Barry Lobdell
November - Barry Lobdell
Illustrated Man - Bosco McKinney
Pure Gold - Ron Nolland
A Modern Retelling - Outlander Necklace - Karen Parker
Sorry That I Could Not Travel Both - Valerie Patterson
The Birth of Her Cold Heart - Valerie Patterson
Entering The Fairy Tale - Valerie Patterson
Toy Horse - Paul Pedersen
Last Exit - Mike Shannon
Felon - Mike Shannon
Destino - Mike Shannon
Oracle - Mike Shannon
Rumpus Linda Sweeney
That Very Night in Max's Room a Forest Grew and Grew and Grew - Eleanor Sweeney
A Host of Golden Daffodils - Eleanor Sweeney
The Invention of Wings - Edith Urban
Grace - Ingrid Van Slyke
Descent into the Maelstrom - Susan Whiteman
Au Sable Impression - Jeri Wright
Au Sable Impression VI - Jeri Wright
Tongue Mountain Pool - Jeri Wright

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