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LUMA Projection Arts Festival, September 6–7

Broome County , Central New York | Entertainment , Sights & Attractions

The country’s premier projection arts festival returns in 2019 with seven new major features that will change the way you look at digital art.

Join us as creators from around the globe converge on one small Upstate New York city to transform its downtown core into a visual spectacle unlike anything you’ve seen before. Walk down one street and the building beside you transforms into a steampunk airship, giant gears towering above you while bronze bay doors descend to reveal an alien expanse beyond. Turn the corner and an otherworldly ballet unfolds high above the street telling the story of two lovers kept apart by the everyday deceptions ubiquitous to modern society.

Welcome to LUMA.

Event Details

    Sept. 6, 2019 - Sept. 7, 2019
    08:30 PM -