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NYSCI After Dark Field Trip

Queens , New York City | Outdoors

NYSCI After Dark Field Trip

We’re going on our first field trip of the summer! Join NYSCI for a night of games and beers at Bierocracy in Long Island City. At this adults-only event, meet two of NYSCIs Designers-in-Residence: Jaehyun Kim and Killer Snails, learn more about the Designers-in-Residence program, and try out VR and analog games.

Free. For adults 21+.

Location: Bierocracy, 12–23 Jackson Avenue (at 47th Road), Long Island City, Queens, NY 11101

Meet NYSCI’s Designers-in-Residence: The Designers-in-Residence (DiR) program has been created to infuse innovation and current design principles, thinking and insight into NYSCI’s Science Career Ladder. During their residency, DiRs participate in public programs and are paired with a small group of two or three Explainers, high school and college students participating in the Science Career Ladder program. DiRs come to NYSCI to engage with museum culture, explore our resources, and work with their Explainer partners.

Jaehyun Kim Jaehyun Kim designs and produces digital and non-digital games and playful experiences for children.

Jaehyun introduced the Explainers to “VR 101” by modifying her existing VR bike workshop to figure out different ways that the NYSCI audience can explore VR.

Killer Snails Killer Snails develops award-winning learning games and immersive virtual reality experiences that explore the amazing ecology, biodiversity and medical application of extreme creatures of nature. Killer Snails’ goal is to bring science out of the laboratory and into classrooms and living rooms.

Killer Snails introduced Explainers to “game design 101” with a series of workshops and exercises to consider how NYSCI exhibit content can be transformed into games. Working with Killer Snails was an opportunity for Explainers to learn game design and to develop games for visitors to use.

NYSCI After Dark Field Trips 2018 During Summer 2018, NYSCI is once again taking its After Dark events off-site via a series of “field trips.” These gatherings will take place at different bars around New York City and will focus on NYSCI’s 2018 Designers-in-Residence. Find out more about the DiR program and how to apply, with mini-talks and hands-on activities that will demonstrate the projects and research at the museum. Learn how the museum is collaborating with innovative individuals and groups to explore and expand upon the definition of design and engage with some truly inspiring people and their work over drinks.

Event Details

    May 24, 2018 - May 24, 2018
    07:00 PM - 09:00 PM