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On Display – Artist Jane Ehrlich

Columbia County | Festivals & Annual Events

Jane Ehrlich lives and works in Hudson, New York.  She has been developing a new body of work for the last several years which she describes as a series of non-referential light-filled paintings.

“lightshifts” is a collection of “…paintings composed of straight, white, zig zag, and curvilinear layers of transparencies that interact with the ground color.  At times the paint is loose and fluid creating tonal variations as well as a thick opaque impasto.  The layering creates a strong presence of light with monochromatic variations that suggest an active and atmospheric environment.   At times figure ground dichotomies that present themselves as a single shape dominate the painting.”

Artwork on display through 11/30/20

Event Details

    Nov. 16, 2020 - Nov. 30, 2020