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SIGN UP ON OUR WEBSITE: http://www.theoldgamefarm.com/events-sign-up
If you would like to visit The Old Game Farm, you can sign up on specific weekends (2020 - 5/09, 06/13, 07/11, 08/15, 09/19, 10/17 & 11/7).
- COST - We are requesting donations for the opportunity to walk The Old Game Farm. The amount you donate is, of course, entirely up to your discretion.
The Catskill Game Farm closed in 2006 – it was the first privately owned zoo in the United Stated, operational from 1933-2006 and housed over 2,000 animals. Among their collection included Giraffes, Rhinos, Pygmy Hippos, Capybaras and many more. The zoo itself is approximately 150 acres with 3.5 miles of paved walkways and 130 structures.
It is now often visited by people for the sake of nostalgia, urban exploration, photography and/or a place to have a peaceful yet interesting stroll. 


Event Details

    Sept. 19, 2020 - Sept. 19, 2020
    10:00 AM - 05:00 PM