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Paddle for Betterment – Alexandria Bay

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Jul 22 2023 to Jul 23 2023 Starts midnight



Alexandria Bay

Seaway Avenue, Suite 1 Alexandria Bay NY 43298

Event Description

Celebrating 20+ Years of Community Betterment!

We share your passion for giving back to our community, creating and nurturing great friendships, enjoying the outdoors and living the best life possible on the St. Lawrence River. That’s why, in July 2001, the Alexandria Bay Chapter of The Foundation for Community Betterment was born—hosting its first annual “Paddle for Betterment” in the heart of the 1000 Islands. As one of the first events ever held through the newly formed national organization, Alexandria Bay’s Paddle for Betterment has become a true “River” community tradition. The Paddle represents all that our Betterment network hopes to always achieve, as it brings together volunteers and participants of all ages while generating the spirit of philanthropy at a local level.

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