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QDC Presents: Journey to the Bay of Bengal

Queens , New York City | Food & Drink

QDC Presents: Journey to the Bay of Bengal

Everybody knows Queens has great Indian food, but what you may not know is we also have awesome Bangladeshi and Burmese food. These countries all border the Bay of Bengal, thus the inspiration for this month’s Queens Dinner Club feast—Destination: The Bay of Bengal. No need for a boat though, just join us at the swanky Bamboo Lounge at Kaufman Astoria Studios.

Burmese Bites/Burma Chicken keema palata: Gossamer thin flatbread filled with spicy ground poultry Ohno kaukswe: Coconut chicken noodle soup tinged with fiery red curry

Kababish/India Katakat: A goat offal fryup singing with the flavor of onions, garlic and ginger—so named for the sound of spatulas chopping it on the griddle and a favorite of Andrew Zimmern Chicken kofta in curry sauce Chicken kababs Naan and garlic naan

Merit Kabab Palace/India Vegetable samosas Poori

Boishaki/Bangladesh Saag Chingri (shrimp and spinach) Bindi Masala (okra, spicy) Vegetable Byrani

Modern Mithai Bespoke Bay of Bengal desserts from Peter Zaharatos of Sugarcube

Tickets include all food with tax & tip. Beverages offered at cash bar.

Event Details

    Sept. 27, 2017 - Sept. 27, 2017
    07:00 PM - 10:00 PM