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Riedlbauer's Resort Schlachtfest

Greene County , The Catskills | Festivals & Annual Events

Riedlbauer's Resort Schlachtfest

 In Germany, a Schlachtfest is the ceremonial butchering of a pig which is celebrated with a feast in both private households and public inns.  In farming communities in Baden Würtemberg and elsewhere in southern Germany, this is still a fairly common tradition.  Our annual “Schlachtfest” Weekend is offered for 2 weekends, September 22-24, and September 29 - Oct 1.   Schlachtfest is an event you need to experience yourself.  We celebrate with a traditional Schlachtfest dinner and  parade on Saturday 9/23 & 9/30.  A Schlachtfest dinner is started off with an appetizer called Sülze, aka head cheese, and a hearty soup called Metzelsuppe.  The menu includes fresh cooked Pork Roast, sausages such as Leberwurst (liverwurst) and Blutwurst (blood sausage) and Weisswurst.   Accompaniments to the meal includes Sauerkraut and potatoes.    Guten Appetit!

Event Details

    Sept. 22, 2017 - Sept. 24, 2017
    06:30 PM - 12:00 AM