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Snowtown – Watertown

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Feb 04 2023 to Feb 05 2023 Starts midnight




| Jefferson County

| Thousand Island

Throughout the City Watertown NY 13640

Event Description

Snowtown USA is a winter festival that will be taking place in and around Watertown, NY.

Snowtown USA is more than just a series of events over the month of February.

It’s a celebration of all of us, the Northerner. To the brave men and women willing to live where the weather can jump from +98 to -40 in 6 months. That’s why we hold it on the craziest month of the year! With several sponsored events from February 2nd – 4th, there’s something for absolutely everyone. Events like Hot Air Balloon Rides at Thompson Park, Snowtown USA Pub Crawl, Free Bowling, and many MANY more.

So come out and come out often all February long and join your fellow locals. Whether you were born here in the snow or made the incredible decision to move here and become one of us, all are welcome here in Snowtown USA!

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