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The Journey to Mars Open House with the Challenger Learning Center

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The Journey to Mars Open House with the Challenger Learning Center

The Challenger Learning Center of the Twin Tier Region is offering a FREE community engagement evening titled, The Journey to Mars!

We have been chosen to be part of a NASA cooperative agreement where we will begin offering the new Expedition to Mars mission in the Spring of 2019. As part of the new mission, we are hosting an evening all about Mars.

There will be multiple activities to complete during the evening. Participants will need to prepare for a launch by developing a space launch system. This will include determining mission goals and obtaining launch approval. Next, participants will need to build your rocket. In phase three, participants will learn about the different effects on Mars with regards to weight, bone density and blood flow. The next phase has participants working with our Mars Community builder app on a Samsung Galaxy tablet and building a model of a Mars habitat with a 3D pen! Lastly, participants will conduct your research on Mars. During this phase, participants will build a manned mars rover and code an unmanned rover.

The evening will conclude with a Mars presentation in Mission control on one of our new 82-inch projection display.

For more information on this event please visit http://drclc.org/

Event Details

    Dec. 12, 2018 - Dec. 12, 2018
    05:00 PM - 09:00 PM