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Theatre Kingston Fringe Festival – Kingston ON

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Aug 03 2023 to Aug 13 2023 Starts midnight




| Ulster County

| Hudson Valley

Kingston Kingston NY 12401

Event Description

The TK Fringe Lottery is now open!

When you get chosen for the TKFRINGE:

Upon winning a spot from the lottery, and once my Festival Fee is deposited and my application accepted, your will be permitted to perform in the 2023 THEATRE KINGSTON FRINGE FESTIVAL (“the festival”); Your will have the right to a theatre space, technical equipment, box office services, and general festival publicity without any further charges.

THEATRE KINGSTON will provide you with a theatre space and a theatre tech to run your lights and sound.

Every ticket sold will provide $12 to your company if sold full price and $11 to your company if sold as part of the package. Fellow artists and reviewers are comped into your show if seating is available. The final ticket price to the customer will be determined based on additional box office fees, and taxes but will be kept as low as possible to encourage a “FESTIVAL FEELING” where people will be encouraged to see as many shows as possible.

You will be provided with a minimum of 6 performance opportunities and a guarantee of at least 50 seats per performance. All companies will be treated equally within the Fringe.

Your set must be able to be put up and come down within 15 minutes by your company.

You are responsible for providing publicity materials, bios, an image, information about your show. The TK Fringe will have a poster dedicated to the Fringe, but you may put up your own show specific flyers and posters, which must carry the TK Fringe logo and the Kick and Push Logo.

Upon acceptance the TKFRINGE FESTIVAL FEE is $325 plus HST. You may play this upfront, or it can be taken out of your box office revenue.

Rosemary Doyle, Theatre Kingston’s Artistic Director is available to answer any questions. rosemary@theatrekingston.com

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