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Tunes by the Tracks, Featuring Jed Curran With Very Special guest



Jan 16 - Jan 16 7 p.m.

Plan your trip! Weather at venue in Clifton Springs


Clifton Springs library

| Ontario County

| Finger Lakes

4 Railroad Ave Clifton Springs NY 14432

Event Description

Tunes by the Tracks, Featuring Jed Curran With Very Special guest

TUNES BY THE TRACKS rumbles into the new year, with Tracker favorites on board, for our opening show on Wednesday, Jan 16th. Your hospitably hip hosts, Jim Clare, Cathy McGrath, and Allen Hopkins are mightily pleased to welcome back a couple of our most favorites as Feature:

~ JED CURRAN with Very Special Guest ~

Jed Curran, https://www.facebook.com/jed.curran” target=”_blank”>http:/www.facebook.com/jed.curran is as comfortable as yer favorite slippers, with his easy rapport and original songs that lightly touch each of us.

As Astute Trackers guessed, Jed’s special guest, is the splendiferous Loren Barrigar, https://www.facebook.com/loren.barrigar” target=”_blank”>http:/www.facebook.com/loren.barrigar Loren’s virtuosity is matched only by his generosity. Beyond his exquiste taste as an accompanist, Loren lifts the musicians who play with him…like Jed, that lucky weasel…to an even higher plane.

NOW HEAR THIS TRACKERS…This will be yer only chance to see our first show of 2019, so nacherly the good seats are goin’ fast…

~ THE MYSTERY PICKERS ~ Indubitably, the dedicated daredevils have been diligently woodsheding over the holidays, so buckle up everybody…round and round we go, an where we stops…nobody nose.

Wanna be a Mystery Picker…?? Sidle up to Cathy, Allen, or Jim (moi) and let us know. That’s all yez need to do.

+TUNES BY THE TRACKS, Featuring JED CURRAN and Very Special Guest + Clifton Springs library, + 4 Railroad Ave, Clifton Springs, NY 14432 + WED, JAN 16 + 7pm – 9pm (doors open at 6:30pm) + FREE ($5.00 donation suggested for Feature and refreshments)

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