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Warrensburg Garage Sale - The World's Largest Garage Sale!

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Oct 01 - Oct 03 midnight

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| Warren County

| Adirondacks

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Event Description

Warrensburg holds the World's LARGEST Garage Sale - October 1 - 3, 2021
With over 500 vendors stretching the length of Main Street and throughout many of Warrensburg’s residential neighborhoods, the Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce presents the annual World’s Largest Garage Sale.

Shoppers can expect to find new and old items, antiques, collectibles, toys, and much, much more!

You will have no problem finding something to eat in Warrensburg, as there are street food vendors EVERYWHERE - selling everything from chicken wings, and BBQ ribs to gourmet chicken pitas and home baked goods.

Additional Garage Sale Details:
The Garage Sale officially starts Saturday - but many start early Friday across the region and many "official" garage sale booths in Warrensburg open Friday at 5 PM. So get there early - take a day off, come up on THURSDAY night and enjoy the beginning of fall foliage and quaint little towns.
Have plenty of cash on hand.
Dress in layers - bring a backpack to put small wares in - wear a waist-belt for easy hands-free shopping.
If lodging in Warrensburg is nowhere to be found - try Lake George! It's only 5 miles south of Warrensburg.
Wear comfortable walking shoes, you WILL walk a lot
Traffic and Parking:
Take I-87 The Adirondack Northway to Exits 22, 23, 24 or 25 and follow these directions...

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