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Until We Get Our Mojo Runnin’...

New York City | Entertainment , Tourism

  March 19, 2020, 1:04 p.m. | By: Staff Report

No one is prepared for this. 

Just a few weeks ago, our principal fret was about whether we were listing all the best events in New York State, especially upstate New York.

And now, we’re seemingly without purpose and not knowing what to do with all the events that show up on our site, that we know are cancelled. The Rolling Stones cancelled their June gig. Michael Buble cancelled. Several NYS Fairgrounds shows are gone...

We know we don’t need to say any of this but we feel like we should let you know we are not asleep at the wheel.

We’ll try to come up with something useful, like this one: https://www.destinationsofnewyorkstate.com/while-we-are-self-isolating-take-virtual-tour-new-york/

Meantime, stay safe, stay sanitized, stay happy.

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