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Weekend Getaway at The Niagara Falls

Greater Niagara Erie County , Genesee County , Niagara County , Orleans County , Wyoming County | Nature , Outdoors , Sights & Attractions , Sport & Games , Tourism

  Feb. 21, 2017, 3:04 a.m. | By: Lyne Carolynah

A weekend getaway at the Niagara Falls - one of the greatest wonders of the world - inescapably includes what someone described as “a thunderousks applause of water” against a 170 feet high valley. This is a waterfall that will captivate you and make your weekend memorable. Rainbows are visible all day and night to maintain an astonishing natural beauty that will thrill any visitor. You can take a step further and take jet-boat rides, helicopter tours, and casino rides. The fun never stops when the night falls as there are activities lined up to enliven the moments against the splashing water. All sorts of accommodation are made available to suit everyone's budget.

The Buffalo-Niagara region is best suited for lovers, families and solo fun seeking adventurers. More fun and activities are to be found in some other counties within the regions away from the trademark falls. The Greater Niagara region is composed of these counties:- Erie county Genesee County Niagara County Orleans County Wyoming County

May to September is a good time to visit because of the good weather. The busy period lies in between July and August, just to avoid the crowd, September is the best month. But really, anytime is ok to view this magnificence.

Here are some things to do in the Greater Niagara region: Sights and Attractions Buffalo Botanical Gardens This is New York’s Conservatory Flower garden with a one-hour guided tour of all the twelve greenhouses just to witness amazing beauty on botany. Different category of tours can be planned I.e Kids tour, Adult tour, and School tours.

The Museum of Science located in Buffalo county, the museum is the home to the National Geographic 3D cinema, curio shop, cafe's, and a perfect place for your birthday parties.

Maid of The Mist Be part of this sightseeing adventure and board a boat that will transport you across the length of the Niagara Falls for an up close experience.

More Things to Do Day Excursions Sightseeing tour either via a road trip or by air to get a better glimpse of the rapids formation as you marvel at the horseshoe falls at the goat island.

Visit the Niagara Falls State Park Don't leave your camera and put on comfortable shoes as you take a hike along the banks of Niagara river which will take you the three little site islands.

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